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Coaching services
Fast-track the development of your skills & capacity by being coached by someone with a successful & eclectic background.


If you would like to improve your abilities in specific areas of your life - you might find personal coaching helpful. 

The focus is on getting clear about what you want to achieve and working together to develop ways to get the results you want.

Coaching and counselling often cross over in a session because sometimes  achieving the outcomes  we want are blocked by our beliefs and thoughts and need to be understood first.

Coaching may be in-person, phone or video call. (There is no extra charge for phone or video calls to most countries*.)


Contact me to discuss costs.

Request an appointment:

Contact me  Please let me know if you wish it to be in-person, phone or video call.

If you live in a country other than Australia please advise your closest capital city so that I can contact you at an appropriate time.

* I will advise before commencement if there are additional phone/video call charges. Coachee's internet  data costs is at their expense. 

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