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Forest Path

"There will always be challenges

 in life, but suffering is optional"      Eckhart Tolle

Grow through your challenges
& live life well


Welcome, I'm Jane Ewins & I operate Soulvable Consulting (which I tend to shorten to  "Soulvable").

What does Soulvable Offer?

Through Soulvable I offer professional encouragement & guidance to people who want to overcome a challenge (or challenges)  in a way that also improves their wellbeing and ability to thrive.

This is achieved through providing counselling, coaching, supervision and consulting.

Depending on your specific needs - we decide together what is the best support mix for you.

I work with individuals ( any age and stage), groups and organisations.

What is Wellbeing?

At its essence - Wellbeing means "feeling good inside". It includes mind, body and spirit. 


When in a state of wellbeing we feel more content, peaceful and “at home”. We have greater inner strength, love & acceptance of ourselves and others. It is easier to respond to the sometimes very difficult demands of life & live life well.

And wellbeing isn't just about  individuals like you or me, it's an integral part of every relationship, family, community, business and community organisation.

Why Choose Soulvable?

Because I balance my professional training & many years of experience with intuition and mindfulness to determine the best way to support you.


I work in a wholistic way ( not a one-size-fits-all way ) which means there is plenty of opportunity to understand the best way forward.


Here is a breakdown of the different services offered:

Wholistic & spiritual

For people  experiencing challenges in their personal life.

  • adults

  • teenagers

  • children

Wholistic - "Seeing" the whole person and the interconnections between mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual - Our essential or original self - which exists underneath the layers of beliefs, habits, thoughts & fears which build up over the years.  See more >>                                      


If you would like to improve your abilities in specific areas of your life - you might find personal coaching helpful. 

The focus is on getting clear about what you want to achieve and working together to develop ways to get the results you want.

Coaching and counselling often cross over in a session because sometimes  achieving the outcomes  we want are blocked by our beliefs and thoughts and need to be understood first.         

See more >>



Individual and/or group supervision for:

  • counsellors  

  • case-workers

  • pastoral care workers

  • school support staff 

  • other allied health & wellbeing professionals

Supervision may be in-person, phone or video call.

See more >>

If you have a business challenge (an unrealised opportunity) and don’t know how to create &/or implement a solution - working with Soulvable might be the answer. 
It's like having a valued  & experienced  business partner working along-side you except when their work is done you don't have to keep paying their salary or share in the profits! See more >>             
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